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Program Materials

All program materials are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view each document. If you are having trouble viewing the files, please download the materials to your computer by right-clicking and selecting Save Link As before you open it.

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Program Agenda

Table of Contents

LawPRO Insert

Top Cases and Recent Trends at the LAT (AABS)
Kevin S. Adams
, Rogers Partners LLP

LAT - 2 Years Later: Where We Were, Where We Are, and Where We are Headed
Stephen G. Ross
, Rogers Partners LLP
Alon Barda, Rogers Partners LLP

Preparing for the Case Conference: Top 20 Do's (and Don'ts) from the Applicant and Respondent
Alison Burrison
, McLeish Orlando LLP
Jennifer J. Griffiths, Zarek, Taylor, Grossman, Hanrahan LLP

Insurer's Responding Submissions
Lisa Van Arnhem
, Gorbet & Associates

Facts Scenario

Catastrophic Impairment Summary & Analysis Report
Dr. Harold Becker
, Omega Medical Associates

Catastrophic Impairment Report - Review of s.44 Insurer's Examinations Regarding Catastrophic Impairment
Dr. Harold Becker
, Omega Medical Associates

Appealing a LAT Decision: Tips and Tricks
Philippa G. Samworth
, Dutton Brock LLP

Faculty Biographies

Program Evaluation